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January 14 2015

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⭐️she took my arm, i dont know how it happened
we took the floor and she said🌙


Try going on wolfram alpha! Search it on google if you don’t know what it is. The site tells you how to solve it too!

they didn’t answer my question but thank you for trying to help!!




this wasn’t in the rap video tsukishxma make a new one

your class should make one for extra credit 

but see it was your class that made the rap video and this wasn’t in it remake


this wasn’t in the rap video tsukishxma make a new one


I’m doing my math hw and there are quotation marks?? f(x) = x ” +2x +1 I don’t remember ever going over quotations in math is this a typo or is the teacher trying to fuck w us




promo me bc i keep losing followers even though im flawless and dont deserve this



promo me!! i lost 2 followers 4 being 2 swag or smth!!




Imagine being 11 years old and you are already an academy award nominated actress with a successful career but people don’t even make an effort to learn how to pronounce your name, in fact they put more effort into making jokes about mispronouncing it. Everyone is trash.



you: birds aren’t that great

me: image

you: holy shit




doxx godzilla

full name: godzilla
location: monster island
occupation: Big



My special talents include: jumping to the worst conclusion possible and worrying about that thing for hours.




muslim followers, there’s a comic going around (with and without commentary) about the charlie hebdo situation that pictures the magazine w/ an image of muhammad on it.  if you want to blacklist the op’s url, it’s baguettethefuckout.

fellow non-muslim followers, if you see this post, even with good commentary, don’t reblog it.  it’s not worth the risk of your muslim followers seeing an image of muhammad.

i understand that this post was made in good faith (honestly, thank you for that i will black list the url) but i do want to clarify because tumblr has some weird ideas about muslims and sin that seem to be conveyed through this post -

while the comic in question may be legitimately triggering to people, the act of seeing an image of muhammad (saw) is not actually a sin - muslims are forbidden from drawing their prophets, we are not responsible nor do we bear any burden for a) other people doing that or b) being passive witnesses to that



do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

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buy me a new phone so i can take better selfies for you $$$$$



ppl with “shota” or “loli” in yr urls: find god and a better url



i deleted all those posts sorry for everything that happened and if i freaked anybody out but anyway im making this post for you to signal boost it so heres something i need to say:

okay hello i go by vey currently on this blog and on the internet but i go by a different name from my birthname irl (im trans which i really dont like to talk about because i cannot gather money or a safe way to get things i need for it) and id like to know if anybody in the pittsburgh, PA area has a safe job i could do mostly from home? i mean i have no transportation i have no money to pay for busses or a cab and i dont want to burden anybody with being my carpool since my abusive mother says “oh youre 18 you can go out and do anything” which i wont get into explanation unless you ask off anon

im currently still in cyberschool which im failing because i have a hard time with school i always have idk if i have learning issues but im leaning towards that i might have some small issues (i cannot go to a doctor to get checked for shit i might have because of my mother and our health care) but if im able to work online like sorting things or something simple i dont know how to explain but i cant do math well so that puts me in a disadvantage so hopefully ill be some use? id be happy to do anything to scrap money up i need to leave and somehow fund for my sister who is 9 and currently abused by our mother as well

if you want to know where i am in the pittsburgh area please contact me i will give you all my personal information i have if you have a job but if youre just asking for my area and how i work/ect/ect ill give you that too

sorry this is bad but i need this signal boosted i need to get money i cant work at another food store for like the min wage here because my social skills and anxiety were terrible when i had a job three months last year and i want to be safe at my job as well as my home 

i might make a donation button or somewhere to donate to if im able to share a paypal from someone to give me the money that i trust with my birthname because im embarrassed about being the way i am irl and all the transphobic shit i go through irl i dont need to get more shit online for it…. please signal boost this post this is really like the only way i might get a job without having to force myself out of my comfort zone i dont have meds for issues i have i cant even get things i need and im most likely getting everything taken away from me as time goes by and get kicked out after what happened tonight

thank you for reading/boosting/contacting im sorry this is jumbled up and bad

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tfw yr lipstick matches yr flower crown but flower crowns have been out of fashion since 2013






"you dont even look trans" and "you’re trans and still look better than me" are not compliments

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